Our Facilities

In order to be the best among the best in a very competitive educational sector, the school encourages the students/pupils to be versatile and proactive. This is done by providing a well stocked and equipped Library conducive for reading and research work by the pupils/students. It is fully air-conditioned.

Closely connected to the Library is the ICT Suite which is fully equipped with modern computers and other ICT Facilities such as interactive White Board.

The ICT Suite has wi-fi capability which makes it easier for students/pupils and teachers to connect to internet.

All the equipments and apparatus needed for effective practical learning are provided in Chemistry, Biology and Physics laboratories.

In the event of any sick students/pupils and staff, the school’s Recovery room is also comfortable and cable of tackling any medical issue among the students. This department is managed by a well trained medical personnel with cognate years of experience.

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The school has a swimming pool for recreational purposes where students are taught how to swim.

The school has a sport arena with facilities for handball, basketball, volleyball, table tennis, badminton, soccer and chess etc.

The Basic technology workshop is well stocked with technical equipments to enhance students’ hands on training.

Our students/pupils are also creative in the area of arts and craft. This possible as a result of the school’s Art studio with all Arts materials for the students/pupils.

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