YPA Boarding System

There is an excellent range of facilities and activities offered in Yintab Boarding system. Standards of care and accommodation are generally very high, as the school has continued to invest in new upgraded boarding facilities.

Also, to ensure that students have adequate time for relaxation and socialization, a well furnished common room with television sets, connected to the satellite have been put in place. There is adequate monitoring and supervision regarding the use of computers and television in the hostels.
Our boarding facilities are to provide a comfortable and happy environment for our Students. At Yintab Private Academy your child is our child…that is our commitment. Our aim is be attentive to our students’ needs and make them feel at home within Yintab Private Academy. We encourage students to be self-reliant and self-motivated, thereby having a positive attitude towards independent learning and taking up responsibilities they would otherwise not take at home. We encourage students to be involved in household chores, healthy habits and maintaining high standards of etiquette.


School rules are intended to ensure the safety and welfare of pupils and the smooth functioning of the school community.


Good manners, a sense of responsibility and tidiness are expected of children at all times. Violence, bullying, threatening or dishonest behaviour is not permitted, nor is the possession of fireworks, dangerous weapons, cigarettes, alcohol, illegal drugs or pornographic material.
All students must:

– do their morning piece of work
– lay their beds properly especially when not in use.
– adhere strictly to the Daily Routine time table (siesta, prep, assemblies, games, labour etc.) as non-compliance attracts punishment of varying degrees.
– maintain orderliness in the dinning Hall, common room, reading room, and generally all over the compound.
– bring their full set of cutlery to the Dinning Hall.
– make themselves available for the statutory Saturday or any other unannounced inspection.

No student should:

– be a bully
– Use abusive, vulgar, uncultured or foul expression as this attracts severe disciplinary measure.
– write on school building, toilet, bathroom, walls etc.
– engage in fighting or be involved in smoking, gambling or drinking of alcohol/taking of drugs.
– bring to the dormitory: radio cassette, walkman, cell phone or any other electronic gadgets.
– be found with pornographic pictures and sensitive romantic books.
– be involved in holding meeting of any sort with any group outside approved school society/clubs.
– sneak out of the compound or leave the hostel without EXEAT and proper documentation.
– Converse in any other language apart from English – the official language of the school.

On no account shall female/male students be found in the Boys/Girls Hostel as the case may be.
Do not hesitate to report any bad behavior/act of a fellow student or notorious plan of a group of students which may tarnish the image of the school.

-We will not condone improper dressing.
-Leadership by example should be the watchword of our senior students.
-Acts of IMMORAL RELATIONSHIP between male and female students attract summary dismissal
– Food shall be served and eaten only in the dinning hall/designated place.

Mobile phones, electronic games, walkmans, i-pods, i-phones, mp3 players, etc are strictly prohibited in school. Laptops will only be allowed under strict supervision. Parents are not to provide internet connection without the permission of the school.

Children should take pride in their personal appearance and ensure that their clothes are neat and clean.

Children will be given a reasonable amount of house duties, where they learn responsibility for their surroundings, e.g. making their beds, Tidying their lockers, desks, rooms and sweeping their rooms/taking care of their living environment.

Children may only leave the school premises under express permission of the boarding house parent. They will have an exit permit. Parents will put their request in writing, if they want to pick up their children.

Various sanctions are meted out to children who break the school rules. The most common punishments are as follows:
Detention: The child is required to do supervised academic work or community service for 30 minutes or more during the time when he would otherwise be free e.g. after school. This is normally used for infringements such as minor misbehaviour.
Suspension: The child may be asked to leave the school for a short period. This is not a holiday, and may disrupt the child’s academic work and is used for a very serious breach of school rules such as consistent bullying, fighting, insulting, stealing or unauthorised exeats.
Expulsion: In extreme cases such as the possession of illegal drugs or sexual relationships, a child may be asked to leave the school altogether. There is no refund of school fees.

The hostel building is out of bounds during school hours. If for some reason a boarder is required to go to the boarding house, he/she has to have a permission slip from the concerned Teacher/Resident House Mistress/House Master.
Any Letter/Parcel that is being delivered to any student will be checked by hostel staff first and only after that will it be handed over to the student.
Calling your child is allowed during the week between 6pm-9pm. At the weekend, you can call anytime. You will have the phone number of your child’s House Master/Mistress. Children can call their parents at specified times. It is only a call me back service.

Muslims will have their religious worship on Fridays in Ikorodu West Local Development Council’s Mosque, while Christians will attend Church service in the school.

A barber will be provided weekly for the boys. However, all boys must come with their name-engraved personal clippers. All girls will have hair dressers come in weekly to braid their hair. The children will pay for this service.

If your child is on special medication, we need details for its administration. Also the child’s personal doctor’s details will be required. Medical details should be forwarded to the office of the Principal.
Children that are Asthmatic and require an inhaler should bring the inhaler to school, with an extra one kept in the care of the House Parent.

Fees are paid in advance at the beginning of the term. There will be no refund of fees if any student is withdrawn from the school at mid-term.

(furniture, louvre blades, electronics etc.) must be properly taken care of as damages done will be paid for to the school authority

A bell will be rung for lights out. After this, no student is to leave his bed 30 minutes after lights-out. In an emergency, permission must be obtained from the prefect in charge of the dormitory. Silence is to be observed after the ringing of the first bell. Lights-out is on the second bell. In the morning, students may not get out of bed before rising bell without the permission of a master.


  1. All boarding students should be returned to the dormitory on the day and time stipulated for resumption with all fees fully paid and their “BRING LIST” items as these will be checked by the House Master/Mistress.
  2. Reasonable amount of money (neither far in excess of the student needs nor too small) should be given as pocket money.
  3. We shall, as much as possible, discourage frequent visits by parents (except on emergency/important reason) as this disrupts the smooth running of the boarding house. The last Sunday of the month shall be the VISITING DAY between of 2.40pm and 6.00p.m. Parents may also be allowed to see their children/wards on PTA Meeting/Open Days or any other special event/occasion but should be after the programme.
  4. We enjoin parents to co-operate and work hand-in-hand with the school without being confrontational. All complaints should be channeled through the House Master/Mistress.

Parents are however not allowed into the hostels.

List of Hostel requirements

Yintab requires all male boarders to have the following:
1. Toilet soap
2. Anti-perspirant
3. Toothpaste
4. Toothbrush
5. Sponge
6. Body Cream
7. Hair dressing kit (Cream, combs, clippers, etc)
8. Inner vests (White)
9. Towels
10. Pyjamas
11. Soap dishes
12. Bar soap/detergent
13. Bathroom slippers
14. Blue bed sheet
15. Bucket (2)
16. House wear (to be gotten from the school)
17. Mufti for outings only (2 sets)
18. A pair of sneakers/trainers
19. Already treated white permanets
20. Rechargeable Lantern
21. Pocket Money.
22. Black socks
23. White handkerchief
24. Black belt
25. Black shoes
26. Locks and keys
27. Plastic keg
28. Blanket
29. Umbrella/rain coat (For rainy season)
30. Pegs
31. Harpic (2) (to be handed over to the school)
32. Cutlass and hoe (1 each, to be handed over to the school)
33. Scrubbing brush (1) (to be handed over to the school)

Boarding House Requirements (Girls)
1. Toilet soap
2. Anti-perspirant (Roll-on)
3. Toothpaste
4. Toothbrush
5. Sponge
6. Body cream
7. Hair dressing kit (cream, combs, etc)
8. Manicure Set
9. Towels
10. Panty Liners
11. Panties
12. Night gowns/Pyjamas
13. Soap dishes
14. Blue Bed sheets
15. Bar soap/ detergent
16. Toilet bag
17. Bathroom slippers
18. Bucket (2)
19. House wear (to be gotten from the school)
20. Mufti for outings only (2 sets)
21. A pair of sneakers/trainers
22. Already treated white Permanets
23. Rechargeable Lantern
24. Pocket money
25. Black socks
26. White handkerchief
27. Black shoes 2 pairs
28. Hoe and Cutlass (1 each) to be handed over to school
29. Locks and keys
30. Plastic keg
31. Umbrella/rain coat (Rainy season)
32. Pegs
33. Harpic (2) (to be handed over to school)
34. Sanitary pads (if necessary)
35. Scrubbing brush (1) (to be handed over to the school)

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