Core Values




Respect for diversity



We believe in;

  1. Training our students to be well grounded in the area of information technology
  2. High levels of individual attention
  3. Low students/teacher ratio for better class management
  4. Integrity, commitment accountability, respect for diversity and excellence
  5. Hard work and fair play
  6. Welfare and career counselling
  7. Regular examination practice and testing throughout the course of study
  8. Close communications with parents and guardians
  9. A balance and comprehensive programme of extra-curricular activities
  10. Exposing our students to different vocational skills for self employment after university education.







We are committed to high quality education and its strategy aims at the following:

  1. To provide high quality education irrespective of sex, social, religious or ethnic background.
  2. To identify and promote the individual gifts of each child and to offer the best possible education appropriate to the needs and abilities of each child.
  3. To compliment parents’ efforts in the moral upbringing of their wards.
  4. To contribute towards the raising up of a generation of peace loving citizens with good integrity and high level of accountability, caring, obedient, respectful, honest and truthful individuals.
  5. To help children grow into educated and responsible young adults and individuals.
  6. To help students realise their goals as individuals and become self – reliant.
  7. To inculcate the spirit of striving towards perfection and excellence as a way of life.
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